Spanish Business

Working abroad is one of many people’s goals in the professional field. It is also a great experience for a resume and for personal growth. Having a job in another country immerses the person into a different culture and sometimes a different language, too. That is why if you want to experience it successfully, you must take into account some facts about the country and the culture that you are going to explore.

Spain as a great Business destination

spanish business destination

One of many destinations that people want to work in is Spain: it has many touristic places, its language is truly beautiful or simply because it is an European country. There are many reasons as to why this country is chosen as the best target for professional growth.

In Spain, one of the most important things to deal with is the language. Spanish people love their language and people who want to work in Spain will find it necessary to have some Spanish knowledge at an intermediate level. For that reason it is advisable to take a Spanish lessons as soon as one arrives in the country.

The cities where most people travel to work are Madrid and Barcelona. Madrid is the capital of Spain and it’s a city with an enormous economic and social development. Madrid jobs are varied; one just has to make the appropriate search and prepare a good resume to impress the employer.

Madrilenian culture

It is recommendable to learn some basic details about the Madrilenian culture to keep up with the environment of the city. Madrid is a city with a notable history; many distinguished figures of art and literature were born in the city, like Lope de Vega, José Ortega y Gasset and the great Miguel de Cervantes. There are many holidays for the city of Madrid, for example there is the Saint Isidore the Laborer holiday on May the 15th, Saint Isidore is the city’s patron saint; there is also the Virgin of Almudena festivity on November the 9th, and many other holidays that Madrid people celebrate fervently and are also non working days.

Barcelona city

barcelona business destination

The other city that receives most of its work applicants is Barcelona. Barcelona is a beautiful city with some charming and touristic attractions. Barcelona is different from Madrid in regard to the language; people in Barcelona speak Catalan, but many people also speak Spanish. To understand better the Barcelona business culture, there are some Barcelona job search tips to consider during the time that you’re living in the city.

For instance, do not underestimate the weather, especially in summer; it can get very hot, so you must take precautions.

To go around the city, especially in the first week, you can use a to learn about basic costumes or move from one place to another without getting lost.

Traveling abroad is an excellent experience and working abroad is an even better one for a professional to develop in a different environment than his own. Meeting new people is also an advantage in both the professional and personal level.

Work and Employment

Work and Employment

Currently finding a job in Spain is not very easy but if you look in the right places you may find a job according to your skills. You can use professional resume templates.

Property and Real Estate

Property and Real Estate

Spanish Real estate schools offer a quality education where you could become a Real estate agent. It is important to pass the exam and obtain your license.

Law and Legal

Law and Legal

The legal market of Spain is growing, that’s why law schools in this country have the purpose to prepare lawyers with a social conscience and high ethical standards.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Find Marketing and Media jobs its really easy because the media plays an important role in spanish people’s life.

Business Resources

Business Resources

Find the ways of doing business in Spanish speaking countries. Many spanish job opportunities are waiting for you in Spain and other countries.