Jobs in Spain

Currently Spain is passing through a difficult situation, the unemployment rate is reaching almost 20.7 percent, however you could try after this problem because the Spanish Government is taking some new policies in order to reduce unemployment as quick as possible.

Spanish employment in Valencia

Valencia like in another cosmopolitan city finding a job might be difficult because there is a lot of competition with all the Spanish people, which means that you have to pass into a difficult process of selection that may require an interview process flowing for a test or exam that prove that you are capable to do the job in a effective way. Search employment in Valencia.

Learn Spanish to apply for professional employment

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Most of the jobs require that you speak Spanish fluently with this skill you can apply for more professional jobs such as secretarial and administrative work, Import-Export, public relations, customer service, business, sales, graphic design and journalism.

But if you do not speak Spanish fluently, the jobs opportunities available range from bar work, waitressing, touristic stores, au pair work, English teaching, and some receptionist jobs.

You can look for these kinds of job in a Valencia’s newspaper, magazine, TV advertisements and of course in Internet.

Searching jobs in Madrid

There are some sites where you can look for job in Spain, where you can publish you curriculum by creating a profile and after apply to a job offer and if a company is interested in your profile they will call you.

Preparing your job application

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There also some Job Agencies where you can find a temporary or permanent job. You only have to present your resume and fill other forms of the agency and maybe an interview where you will be asked about your skills and after that probably they take you some aptitude tests. Then the agency will take it over, they will look for a job according your skills and organize you an interview with the company. Look for free resume templates here.

Remember that if you want to apply for a job in Spain you have to have a working visa, and in order to get a working visa you must be in your country and have a job offer from an employer or Spanish company and the employer interested to hire you must present an application for the authorization before your arrival. You cannot apply if you are illegally in Spain or in the Spanish territory.