Music in Argentina

argentina music

The culture of Argentina includes all manifestations of people in arts and customs such as: arts, music, festivals, language, literature, plastic arts, cinema, food and more. Argentina has a mixed culture due to the variety of climates, terrains and ethnic groups. Music in Argentina was developed under the influence of European styles till nowadays, that it’s one of the most authentic expressions and is part of traditional and contemporary life.

The most famous music and dance from Argentina is the Tango, but across the country you’ll see many variations and styles of each region that represents the history and lifestyle in the area; if you’re interested in understand the culture of Argentina, the music and dance can be a rewarding way.

We can find 5 music styles which are the most important of the country:

Folk Music:

It’s characterized by soft sounds, percussion and string instruments;

it’s played commonly in Northern Region.

Andean Music

The music of the Andes is characteristic of the region that shares limits with Bolivia and Chile. The music reflects the spirit of that zone with wind, percussion and string instruments.


The northwest of Argentina developed this style, which is characterized by the soft Spanish Guitar and the drum (bombo legüero), the name of the style comes from the word Chacra (that means farm).


This style characterizes the Eastern zone and combines the styles of Germany, Poland and Austria.

Popular music

The most famous is the pop music; that comes from Spain, Latin America, USA and some even from Britain. You can listen to pop music in most bars and clubs in the entire country, especially in Buenos Aires. Argentina is famous for the Rock, with representative groups such as: Soda Stereo, Sui Generis, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Andres Calamaro, Babasonicos and more.


tango dance

Tango is an impressive dance, and we can know it from the follow music quotes: Ricardo Vidort: "When you dance tango you must give everything.

If you can't do that, do not dance"; and Leopoldo Marechal quote: “The Tango is the natural pulse of Buenos Aires”; that Tango is the principal dance of Argentine culture, but it wouldn’t be in that way without the music, that El flaco Dany Garcia said: “The music goes in my ears, is filtered through my heart, and comes out through my feet.”.

Argentina has a great variety of music styles and groups recognized worldwide; if you travel to Argentina you can enjoy the music in every corner of the country and feel how it goes through your body.