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Not many people know the true importance of Spanish language in the world. Over 400 million people have Spanish as mother tongue and 100 million people have it as second language. That is why this is the third most spoken language after Chinese and English language. Although, Spanish is mainly spoken in Latin American countries such as: Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, etc. you can also find small regions of Europe map where Spanish is spoken.

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It is also considered the second most spoken language in the USA because of the large number of Hispanics that live there.

The Latin influence in all the world has turned Spanish in one of the most important languages, proof of this is that you can find many Spanish words in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and in many other languages.

Spanish is a more easily learned language compared to other languages, for example learning Chinese Mandarin takes four times than learning Spanish does.

If you want to learn any romance language, Spanish can offer you an advantage because they belong to the same linguistic family, that is why if you learned Spanish adjectives, learning French adjectives will be easy.

Importance of Spanish Media online

There are many schools that offer Spanish language as part of their program because the importance of learning to speak Spanish will be far more fundamental in everyday practices than Chinese would. Due to this, media plays an important role for Spanish-speaking people. Imagine arriving in a country where a different language than Spanish is spoken, the only way to know what is happening would be through Spanish Media. Fortunately, you can find many of these around the world.

Now imagine arriving in a country where you cannot find TV programs, radio programs or media in Spanish, this may despair anyone. The solution to this problem is media online. Internet has been a great help to promote this type of communication that is why thanks to internet, you can find TV channels, radio programs and even your city newspapers on the internet today.

Spanish media online has contributed greatly. People who are far away, are always aware what is happening in their region.

The following is a list with some important Spanish media online:

  • Univision

  • CNN

  • TVE

  • Antena 3

  • TN (Todo Noticias)

  • ESPN

Spanish magazines

Spanish magazines

Here you will be able to find the most important steps of developing a magazine, step by step and well explained. Remember to plan everything and study the business.

Spanish cinema

Spanish cinema

Movies are created with the purpose to teach cultural and artistic reflections that is why film studies are a discipline that explores the narrative and cultural aspects.

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It´s really important to read spanish books according to your needs in order to learn spanish language or become successful professional.

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All you want to know about newspapers online, what they are conformed and how they work. Just check the site and find out how they work nowadays.